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Working together to bring hope and healing to our community

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The ACCN is creating partnerships.

The ACCN is helping to develop champions.

The ACCN is helping Upper Canada College.

The ACCN is creating teams.

The Team Behind the Team

The ACCN is the team behind the team. Behind many teams. Teams of students, teams of teachers, teams of educators, teams of parents. The ACCN helps place students in top schools and is always there to support and foster excellence.

Volunteering opportunities

Become a member of the grant action team

This position suits volunteers with experience, knowledge and skills in one or more of the four Priority Areas of the ACCN Grants Program, (i.e. Family, Education, Employment and Crime Prevention/Justice) who, can serve as members of the Grant Review Team. Visit Volunteering to learn more.

The African-Canadian Christian Network (ACCN) is conducting an information session for parents and their high achieving African-Canadian / African Caribbean children, about potential opportunities to attend top private schools in Toronto and the GTA.

Come and meet the Directors of Admission from about 12 of ACCN's partnering private schools, and learn about the ACCN admission process. You will be given an opportunity to address your questions to ACCN, boys and girls currently enrolled in some of these schools, their parents, and the Admission Directors.

It's all free! We ask that you register and strongly encourage you to bring your sons and daughters so that firsthand, they can connect with the schools.

Financial aid is available for boys entering grade 5 and up, and for girls entering grade 7 and up in September 2016.

Be inspired by a special guest speaker! To register, click here! ACCN Private School Info Session